About Us

Pregnancy, Perinatal, and Lactation Support.

The interactions an individual has during their pregnancy and birthing journey shape how a child and parent develop postpartum. Any amount of breast milk given to a child has incomparable health benefits and helps develop emotional intelligence. Servicing the Hudson Valley, New York MidHudson Chocolate Milk views birth as a set of transitions that has to potential to enriched everyone involved. In the United States, Black women have the highest maternal and infant mortality rate and the lowest rate of participation in lactation. A lack of education, positive imagery coupled with generation trauma and implicit bias has developed an aversion that is now being addressed in the Black community.

Emotional Acuity

Emotional acuity is the practice of understanding how we’ve been shaped by our environments and experiences and using the information to navigate in a proactive manner. The nature of capitalism promotes individuals to attain value through status, acquisition, and validation. Our culture isn’t sustainable in that our desire for efficiency has created complacency and worst apathy to our communal existence. Being present to the existence of our emotions and knowing how they influence decisions, is a position of power.

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