The interactions an individual has during their pregnancy and birthing journey heavily shape how a child and parent emotionally develop. Any amount of human milk given to a child has incomparable health benefits and helps develop emotional intelligence.
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Servicing the Hudson Valley, New York, MidHudson Chocolate Milk views birth as a set of transitions that have to potential to enrich the lives of families and our communities.
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In the United States, Black women have the highest maternal and infant mortality rate and the lowest rate of participation in lactation. The lack of representation in the local lactation community amongst peers and professionals led to developing a plan to actively enrich the cultural significance of lactation.
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We provide informed support and create positive experiences for expectant and new parents to be present to the depth of their journey.

Emotional Acuity

Emotional acuity is the practice of understanding how we’ve been shaped by our environments and experiences and using the information to navigate in a proactive manner.

We invite parents to have a greater role and impact by developing a better relationship with their experiences and ethics. We create safe spaces where we have an engaging and explorative dialogue to gain insight into the complexity of personhood.

We utilize this lens as an invitation for expectant parents to figure out how they’d like best to exercise body autonomy during their pregnancy and postpartum. We then create a viable plan of action to make this happen, including collaborative relationships with local agencies.