The “SevenS” workshop encourages the discipline of lactation as an exercise in body autonomy to strengthen emotional acuity during the perinatal period. “SevenS” covers the health benefits and history of lactation, in addition to normalizing support, encouraging sustainability as an extension of personhood, and preparing parents for lactation as a crash course in the joyous discipline of parenting.

A honeycomb is a place of transition, larvae are laid, honey is deposited, it serves as a home. Much like during the pregnancy and postpartum journey, where a parent offers their body as a shelter, sustenance and solace. Honeycomb Help is a perinatal telehealth support service for parents as they navigate the their thoughts during the transitions of their intimate and vulnerable experiences. Trained in alleviating stressors in a proactive manner the purpose of this service is to support parents to the point so they feel empowered to engage in the transition of birth and parenthood.

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