NBDA Postpartum Doula Scholarship

“NBDA Postpartum Doulas are professionally trained individuals who specialize in immediate postpartum support, from 0-3 months, for recently birthed families. They are experts trained to help identify and offer support around postpartum issues such as breastfeeding, sleep support, nutrition, mental and emotional wellness, physical healing and more. Postpartum Doulas offer varying levels of support depending on the needs of the family and their are of expertise

The Fourth Trimester is the most underestimated time of pregnancy. The NBDA equips trainees with knowledge of the importance of timing around holistically healing the body from a realistic approach.”

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Postpartum Doula Scholarship

NBDA Birth Doula Scholarship

“Birth symbolizes a new beginning. A fresh start. Unlearning what we’ve been taught throughout history and what society told us we are. In the NBDA Birth Doula Training program, we bring back what was lost or stolen from us as women, while we incorporate an improved model of Doula business. The mission of the NBDA Birth Doula Training program is to embody the ancient healing ways of our ancestors, to empower all women as they reclaim the right to their bodies and their experiences, from Birth & Beyond.”

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Birth Doula Scholarship

LEAARC Certified Lactation Specialist Scholarship

The Lactation Consultant Training Program Enriched (LCTP) is a comprehensive, online course designed to prepare you to take the IBLCE exam and for your career as a certified lactation consultant. It includes 95+ hours of lactation-specific education and is aligned to prepare aspiring IBCLCs. Individuals can practice as a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist after completing coursework and final exam. Program is accessible for 365 days and is LEAARC approved.

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Certified Breastfeeding Specialist Form