Medicinal Milk trivia invites professionals to explore their existing knowledge of lactation and support resources. We discuss basics such as recognizing the importance of a secure latch, skin-to-skin contact and attempting various nursing holds. We review the history of lactation pre- and post-colonial influence and share real-time resources that alleviate the stressors of systemic oppression.

Spilled Milk educates professionals on the importance of honoring every droplet of milk expressed as a loving layer of wellness. During this workshop, we discuss common issues and experiences that sometimes feel isolating. Educating professionals to realistic standards versus conventional expectations allows them to prepare and support their clients. 

 Combatting Cognitive Dissonance with Digital Content. This workshop is designed to help providers gain insight into the impact of their digital footprint. We discuss societal expectations shaping the cultural disconnect of understanding and supporting the lactation journey. With the increase of telehealth support, current and potential patients are often introduced to practices and providers via the internet. We help professionals understand the power and influence associated with their digital content and how it represents the integrity of their services. 

A brief review of the ‘Lactation is a language of love’ prenatal education model. The introduction discusses the 7 principles of lactation, Savings, Sustenance, Synergy, Sustainability, Support, and Solidarity being used to create an enriching educational experience. We review medical terminology, anatomy, and emotional nuances associated with milk expression from pregnancy through postpartum.

An in-depth understanding of the seven principles of lactation. We dissect the framework of the program as a restorative practice and build awareness regarding the difference between the standards, expectations, and goals of intuition. By examining the biological and sociological aspects of lactation we activate culturally congruent dynamics that elevate the perception of lactation.